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Golden Heart Transition

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Golden Heart Transition

A Life-Changing Journey

Friends, end of life work is my passion. 

I know this statement comes as no surprise to many of you who have followed my life and career transition over the past 18 months, from CPA and project manager to end of life educator, coach, doula, and hospice CNA. But I want to share more about the story behind that passion, so you know why I reach out to you now.

This passion to illuminate all things related to death, a time that is usually one of the darkest in most people’s lives, was first seared into my heart at birth when my sister was dying, and then seared even deeper when my mother died just 5 short years later. I hadn’t even started first grade, and I had lost 2 of the most important people in my life. And that was just the beginning of the losses I faced until I was virtually alone before my 20th birthday.

“What is wrong with me?”, I often asked myself… feeling both guilt and shame for going on living without them and for being unable to save them or prevent them from leaving me. No one had prepared me for facing a life without my mother and sister. My father and grandparents did not help me to understand that death was a natural part of life… all lives. And I can tell you that I have witnessed similar experiences of those who have a loved one in hospice. I have come to see that my experience was not unique or singularly exceptional. Many families experience similar emotional and mental upheavals around the death of someone they love. 

And so, with my pain stuffed down as far as I could push it, as I matured, I became like a ship unmoored with a deep grief I had no understanding of how to process and with no foresight to see how healing from it was even possible. And without a guidance system to help me regain balance and release me from the self-blame-game I was playing, as I came into my adulthood, I turned away from anything to do with death and ran far from my destiny and soul’s call… until now.

Now, I am embracing what I believe I was born to do. Especially as each day draws me nearer to my own death, the pressure in my chest grows stronger to share the messages that I know others still need to hear… messages from my youth and from my ancestors. 

What are these messages?

  • Death is not our enemy.
  • We don’t need to seek death. It will always find us someday regardless of how well we’ve lived our lives or how short or long our lives have been.
  • It is possible that when death comes, we can be ready and accept it, even welcome it, peacefully on our terms.
  • No one needs to be scared or scarred by death in the way my family was… especially the children… if we prepare ourselves and prepare them before the end is upon us.

This last message is so very important, and I invite you to consider this premise: We owe it, yes, owe it, to the next generation, our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, to plan for our death consciously and wisely. Why do we “owe” it to them? … because we love them and want nothing but happiness for them.

We will always be their teachers until we take our last breath. Whether we want to be or not, we are the way-showers. They are watching us, and there is a way to bring them gently into the unfolding of the last chapter of our lives so that they know our love is with them to the end. With this last lesson, they will be comforted after we are gone knowing that everyone did their best and we had a good death following the plan we designed long before.

If your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews mean the world to you, and I know they do, then please believe me when I say that this could be the greatest gift you ever give them. I was not given this gift, and I tortured myself for decades thinking that I had failed my family. Even though I was a child, and there was nothing anyone could do to physically stop death from coming, I still bore an intense guilt and shame that I could not save them. Through my own spiritual, healing journey I was finally able to see it and forgive it.

And I’m now so grateful and blessed to have found a way to share the lessons and the messages from that time. It’s a way that shows other families how they too can avoid this needless suffering for generations to come. Our families will still grieve our loss, but they will pass through the intense grief stage much more quickly because of the beautiful example we create for them.

This way I want to share with you is a powerful tool called the Best 3 Months program, and I want to invite you to take this life-changing, family-changing journey with me.

It’s a 7-week voyage with ports of call through 5 major domains of life – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and practical. I know this journey will allow you to live more fully in the present when we disembark in a new place from where we started. And I promise that you will finish this journey knowing how to speak about your end of life wishes with confidence and clarity. I will share information that will calm your fears and relieve your anxiety about a time that usually brings trepidation and foreboding about this great mystery of life’s final chapter. You will disembark ready to set out on your new course in living your life… energized and free… knowing that the end to your story has already been designed by you.

And I believe, as a child of much grief and suffering that even more importantly… this is a journey that will ultimately manifest as a final gift to your children, grandchildren and all the loved ones who will be with you when you depart… as they will see their own beautiful future in your fading, peaceful eyes.

You will also be ready to act as a guide for your parents or grandparents who may be nearer to transition than you. What a gift of comfort you will be for them as well!! You will be amazed how the teachings you carry from this program will permeate all generational layers of your family.

If you have questions, please email me at [email protected], and I will answer all questions and share information on upcoming sessions.

Thank you so much for considering this journey with me!

I’m grateful for who you are in the world and in your families. And I know your family will thank you for bringing this precious knowledge back to the fold on how to face our end of life with more consciousness, grace, peace and wisdom.

Gratefully yours in love & light, Karen 💛

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Karen Keeran
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